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My New David Geffen Hall

I'm feeling grateful that I can call this newly re-renovated concert hall, my new David Geffen Hall ! I only went to the David Geffen Hall once before the renovation for a concert from Nyack College School of Music . The concert took place at the Wu Tsai Theater , which is the main hall of David Geffen Hall. I intentionally pick a seat that's farther away so I can really listen to the acoustic. It was not bad, but there are some musical instruments I can not hear clearly. The view of the stage also seems a way from the audience. After the renovation, the view of the stage to every seat is definitely better. The stage has moved about 25 feet forward, and now there are sits behind the stage. The performers are now surrounded by audiences. The stage is now able to adapt to different performances. View before the re-renovation Similar angle after the re-renovation Even the last roll of the house, the view is still good. I didn't join this project till the very end of it, but I&