2021 Broadway Dream Gala at Tavern on the Green

Did a show at Tavern On the Green for the 2021 Broadway Dream Gala! I love this flypack as my mobile office!  We use the Blackmagic URSA camera to capture the stage and the house. Two Mac mini for slides and playback. All feed into an ATEM Television Studio Pro 4K, and use the Blackmagic Web Presenter HD for streaming. Also feeding IMAG in the room, For program and ISO recording, we use the HyperDeck Studio HD Mini.  For audio, we have the Yamaha QL1, Shure Axient, and ClearCom FreeSpeak. Using the Dante Radial di to send the program audio mix to the streaming encoders.  Load in at noon, load out at midnight~

Smaart Measurement for My Headphones

My first sound class was in 2016 at New York City College of Technology, that was also the first time I buy an over-ear headphone for monitor and editing. I brought a HAS-10 from Lyx Pro . I brought it because I saw that they advertise it's a pair of monitor headphone. I did email Lyxpro for a frequency response chart of the headphone, but they never send that to me. So I was wondering if I could do a measurement of the headphone myself to find out the frequency response. During that time I just start to learn about audio, and I didn't hear about  transfer function . Not until 2017, I took the sound system class. That's the first time I hear about transfer function and  Smaart . In 2018 I took the Smaart fundamentals class. That's the time I learn how to do a frequency response measurement. Enough storytime, here is the measurement I got for my headphones.  I did the measurement using Smaart V8. I used a Yamaha O1V96 to generate pink noise , sent to a Yamaha Ri8. I use

ABX Console Listening Test

I graduated from New York City College of Technology with a major in Entertainment Technology , with a concentration in both audio and show control. For my culminating project, I did a double-blind testing of two professional sound consoles with the guidance of Professor John Huntington . Click HERE   for all details. Professor Huntington had an article published in Pro Sound Web . The article was number 14 in the top 20 most-read articles on the Pro Sound Website in 2019.