Hybrid Show at Spring Studios

This is the last show I did in 2021with SDN Broadcast. I was the engineer in charge of this hybrid show at Spring Studio. We are one of the hubs around the world, sending and receiving audio and video through vMix. The central hub was in France. They did the mix program mix that sends to different hubs. We take care of all the local program mix in the New York venue.

We have a full audio and video production team set up in New York. A video TD to call and cut for the three Blackmagic Design URSA cameras at house left and house right, and two PTZ cameras. A professional camera shader for the three URSA cameras. A stage manager to work with the show caller in France to call the show. Like when will be different talents be on stage, and what DSM they are getting. We have a professional teleprompter on site. The DSM can show the program feed from France, or the teleprompter.

We have a very good A1 and two A2 to take care of all the house PA, and intercom, and the audio mix minus that sent to France. We using Yamaha CL1, Clear-Com FreeSpeak, and Meyer Sound speakers.

I mainly took care of the video and IT setup. Setting up an LTE router with the internet provided by the venue, this way we can have a backup in case there is anything wrong with the venue's network. Two PTZ cameras to work with the controller. Setting up the ATEM Constellation 8K as the video switch to work with the ATEM 2M/E Advanced Panel. The Constellation was doing all the video mixing, and video routing to DSM, house imag, the video wall, multi-view, and the video feed to the central hub in France. It's a very powerful video switch in this price range. We have the HyperDeck Studio HD Mini for all the ISO recordings, and two HyperDeck Studio HD Plus for the program recording. Other than these, I was making sure every department have what they needed for the show.

When I was writing this blog I'm also reviewing how I did on this production. There are different things I can do better. One of them is to spend more time on preproduction. This way I can spend time on manage the crew, overseeing, and troubleshooting when I get on site. One of the issues I wish I had more time to solve was the moire effect on the camera shots. Overall the show went well with the limited information we got from the client, and I learn a lot.

Load in and setup

Camera shading rack and video switch & streaming rack

Video TD  and audio front of house

Stage left camera
Stage left camera

Blackmagic Design URSA camera

Barco E2 to feed the LED wall

Stage furniture setup

Did some cleanup on the setup on the house left PA, Imag, camera, and downstage monitor.

Downstage monitor and clock

My seat as the engineer in charge. Took this shoot on show day before anyone got onsite

Wide view of our video, stage manager, and prompter front of house setup

Audio front of house view

Our front of house
The room so echoes, so we have to put more drapes at the back to make the Acoustic better. 

The house before the door opens

The house before the door opens

The view outside the studio windows


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